Premium Quality Coffee from Thailand

For Both Consumers and Cafe Operators, roasted and green coffee beans.  We offer a wide selection of selected premium quality coffee for everyone.


Why is Thai Coffee Good

Shade Grown, Regenerative

The majority of coffee farmed in Thailand is grown by smallholder farmers on hillside farmlands beneath natural forests that belong to small families, rather than on large plantations.

As opposed to coffee cultivated on plantations, which significantly contributes to deforestation. We cultivate our coffee in a regenerative manner beneath a natural forest.

Single Origin

The majority of our premium specialty coffees are Single Origin, which means that every bean in the bag originates from a single place—typically a single village.

This guarantees the coffee’s uniform, identical flavor.

Special Process

Thai coffee growers have switched over the past few decades from selling commercially washed, mainstream coffee to more upscale, carefully processed, and roasted coffee. We have anaerobic dry, anaerobic wash, honey, dry (natural), and more in our collections.

We promise that every single one of these extremely sought-after coffees will surprise and amaze you; you won’t find their distinctive flavor and aroma in commercial coffees on the market.

Premium Consumer Coffee

Single origin, carefully chosen species, hand-picked, carefully processed, and roasted. These coffees are classified as specialty coffees if their score is 75 or higher.

While it may cost a little more than typical or commercial coffee, we assure you that it is well worth the price and a justifiable tribute to our farmers’ toil and dedication.

Commercial Coffee

supporting internet coffee sellers as well as all F&B companies. specially chosen and roasted to ensure that baristas can provide their customers with the greatest cup of coffee. Our commercial coffee stands out for its affordable pricing, reliable supply, and consistent profile.

More significantly, our automatic micro roaster allows for endless customisation even with the economical (= profitable for your businesses) pricing.

Green Coffee Beans

Our customers are coffee roasters and cafe owners, and we provide them with a consistent supply of inexpensive green coffee beans from different growers in different grades. Thus, you won’t need to be concerned about shifting pricing or supply as we work directly with the source – our farmers.

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