Our Mission is to provide each player in the coffee supply chain affordable yet essential resources, built on the most recent technological advancements.

We are the driving force behind an expanding group of coffee enthusiasts who are riding Thailand’s fourth wave of coffee to a new level of the beverage.

CoFe: Ride the tide​

Our Principles

Affordable Technologies

We think there is always room for development thanks to accessible technologies.

A Free and Open Market

We support direct trade conducted in good faith in a market that is free and open.

Protect the Environment

It is our home, protect our planet, safeguard the environment for sustainable, long-term development.

“Become an example of responsible, ethical coffee trade and consumption, demonstrating that businesses can be successful while still being socially responsible.”

Our Vision


Social networking, eCommerce, and automation have all had a significant impact on how consumers drink coffee. Their attitudes regarding products and providers, as well as their preferences, have changed. More (direct) connection with customers is now necessary than ever, however it’s mostly done practically online rather than always in person.

The Fourth Wave of Coffee has already begun, and it is widely agreed that “commercialization of specialty” is what sets it apart. The traits of this new coffee trend are, in brief, as follows:

  • Commercialization of specialty
  • Accessible to more people, both products and information
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Focus on socio-economical impact
  • Experimentation and innovation with new process (e.g. Anaerobic, Honey)


From farm to cup, coffee suppliers need to be ready for these shifts in consumer behavior:

  • Consumers are demanding higher quality coffee
  • eCommerce and out-of-place sales will become the norm
  • Customers demand for more sustainable, environmentally friendly coffee will rise
  • Consumers will have better access to technologies and hence more information
  • Competition will become regional, not limit to domestic or limited by geographical distance
  • There is a need for improvements and novel experiments in taste, coffee production, and preparation (such as cold brew and capsules).


We at CoFe wish to assist coffee growers and producers in benefiting from this recent wave of advancement. Thailand has the particular benefit of being more receptive to novel ideas and innovation as a relatively new player in the global coffee trade.

The difficulty, however, is substantial. It takes knowledge, expertise, and, of course, financial investment to move toward coffee that is of high quality, innovative, and sustainable. For the new business model to succeed, market access is also crucial.

CoFe seeks to offer an open platform allowing each stakeholder to share

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Innovation and technologies
  • Market access, and desirably
  • Working capital

because the majority of coffee producers in Thailand are smallhold farmers, producers, or roasters:


An open platform will also make it easier and less expensive for the community in

  • Sourcing – from green bean to packing material and machines
  • Logistics – bulk shipment and jointly negotiated price
  • Marketing – an open marketplace linking buyers and sellers


Given Thailand’s distinct geopolitical advantages below, we believe this fourth wave of coffee will create many new opportunities and that CoFe will prosper alongside the community.

  • Consumption (changes in local consumption pattern)
  • Production (flavorable location, climate)
  • New generations (of both consumers and producers)
  • Technologies (as an extension to the already advanced agricultural sector)
  • Asean’s central location