We (you) are roasters

Why roast coffee yourself?

Being able to roast your own coffee is one of the most crucial elements in producing high-quality coffee and is essential to growing your business.

Some time ago, it was quite challenging to begin with roasting due to the expensive equipment and a steep learning curve. But anyone may now begin roasting thanks to our automatic micro roaster.

Additionally, we think that this is a critical milestone in the development of specialty coffee in Thailand.

roasting coffee


At incredibly low prices, we provide everything needed for anyone interested in roasting at our coroasting venues in Bangkok and Chiangmai. It costs no more than the costs of using an automated laundromat.

Even if you’ve never roasted coffee before, do not worry. We’ll be there for you as long as you enjoy roasting coffee with

In our coroasting locations in Bangkok and Chiangmai, we provide everything required for anyone interested to roast at a very low costs.  We mean the costs similar to doing a laundry at an automatic laundromat.

Don’t worry even if you know nothing about roasting.  As long as you love coffee, we will support you with

  • training
  • green coffee beans
  • roasting machines
  • accessories
  • coffee machines (for tasting)

Our machine automate roasting duration and temperature, so instead of worrying about operating a complex roasting machine, you can concentrate on learning about how the coffee beans change and develop during roasting.

Remote / Online Roasting

Although operating a coffee shop has occupied the most of your time, you could still like to roast your coffee.After working together has developed your personalized coffee profile, all you have to do is place an online order for YOUR specifically crafted coffee, and our operators will make sure you get exactly what you want.

We also offer delivery to any location and video footage of the roasting process  (which you can show your customer). You can thus always obtain your coffee from us even if your shop is not in Thailand.

Own Your Roaster

You can also get the equipment for a very affordable price if you are certain that you possess the necessary abilities and understanding. To guarantee that your business runs smoothly and effectively, we offer installation, training, maintenance, and warranties.

Private Label Services

It's not only your coffee, it is YOUR BRAND. We can help you create a completely new coffee brand from the ground up, at a shockingly low cost.
All you need is your idea, your dream.