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Support us and our farmers, shop sustainably produced and fairly traded coffee here: 

We provide each player in the coffee supply chain affordable yet essential resources, built on the most recent technological advancements.

We are the driving force behind an expanding group of coffee enthusiasts who are riding Thailand’s fourth wave of coffee to a new level of the beverage.


Marketplace For Everyone​​

We operate conextion.coroasting.asia, an open ecommerce platform which provides commercial and consumer coffee produced by local Thai coffee farmers and roasters.

Conextion.coroasting.asia is being developed into an open marketplace with AI assisted matching between coffee buyers and sellers.

We expect the new marketplace will be launched in January 2024.  Meanwhile, visit conexion.coroasting.asia to buy high quality Thai coffees and selected accessories for everyone serious about a good cup of coffee.

Commercial & Specialty Coffee

Commercial And Specialty Equipment​

Coffee Subscription

AI Matching Platform


Reducing the effect of coffee in Climate Chagne

Cofe is the most consumed beverage just behind water, and most traded commodities just behind oil.

Until recently, during farming, processing, roasting, transportation, a lot of damages are done to the environment.  With regenerative, shade grown coffee, we are reducing coffee’s carbon footprint and it’s effect on the environment.

Roasting and CoRoasting

Everyone Can Roast

Coffee Roasting used to be a very challenging enterprise.  High equipment costs, steep learning curve, expensive training fees…

Our Automatic 1Kg Micro roaster and the coroasting services we provide allow any aspiring roasters to start roasting without all these obstacles.

Now everyone can roast their own coffee, build their own brand.

Meet our farmers and Roasters