Yes, you can roast your own coffee without investing in expensive roasting machines.

We bring you high quality coffees from Thailand.

We bring in new ideas and affordable technologies to farmers, roasters and coffee shop operators to support their continuous, sustainable development.
By raising the quality and value of their products, opening new market opportunities, reducing costs and waste, we improve the income of every player in the coffee supply chain.
Our Main Efforts Include:

5 Reasons You Should Roast Your Coffee

Are you selling coffee? Do you
  • find the coffee beans you buy do not always come with the same flavor?
  • Find it difficult to keep loyal customers?
  • Wishing you can roast your own coffee so it’s special, unique, and become your brand?

Roasting used to be limited to only a few experts. The equipment was expensive, it was hard to learn, the machine was hard to master and requires a lot of space…. It’s just difficult. But in fact, roasting your own coffee is very possible.

Private Label Service

We work together and develop a roast profile that is yours!  And we roast for you as per your order, which can be as little as 1 Kg only.

CoFe Micro Roaster

Our Low Costs, automatic roaster is developed by professional roasters. Easy to operate and support remote roasting also.

Green and Roasted Coffee Beans

Selected coffee beans from selected farmers in Thailand. We tried all the beans and verified good quality ones. Green or roasted, you can rely on for your business.

Buy your beans from wholesalers

  • Unsure about freshness
  • Limited your choices
  • Cannot guarantee quality or origin
  • Makes you only one of many

Roast your own coffee beans

  • Always fresh
  • Your choices is only your own imagination
  • You have full control from bean to cup
  • Gives you a big lift on branding and customer loyalty