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Coffee is our business.

We offer all the necessary yet reasonably priced resources to every link in the coffee supply chain, including equipment, roasted coffee, and green beans. Directly sourcing from coffee growers and producers, we can offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality.

For those who would rather roast their own coffee, we provide the most affordable equipment and services. Everyone making delicious coffee and a good living is our goal.


Become a Roast Master

Learn to and start roasting with our very easy to use CoFe ONE Roaster. Join the roasting competition and get the chance to win big price and fame!

Thai coffee is still underappreciated even though it has been around for a few decades. Over those decades, several breakthroughs and developments have been made. Our mission is to ensure that coffee aficionados everywhere know about and enjoy Thai coffee.

More significantly, all of our coffee is carefully processed, shade-grown, and comes from small-scale growers.

The majority of growers also use cutting edge methods in their coffee processing, yielding some of the best coffee in the area.

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What We Offer

We provide a range of goods and services for both business and residential use so that everyone can enjoy a great cup of coffee.


Straight from farmers, from green to roasted beans, carefully prepared using cutting-edge methods. We provide coffee for both personal and business use.


You need decent equipment to brew delicious coffee. We have carefully chosen and put to the test a variety of tools that are known to make brewing a perfect cup of coffee simple for you.


Our unique automatic micro roasting machine is made to be both user-friendly and adaptable, allowing it to yield the highest quality roasts.

We also provide these services

Create Your Own Coffee Brand

Whether you are a huge office, coffee shop, or internet vendor looking to build your own brand, there are many of advantages to starting your own coffee roasts.

We offer a comprehensive service platform that meets all needs in all situations.

With the CoFe Private Label service, you may begin realizing your dream at the lowest possible entry cost.


We provide both free and paid training for anyone looking to test and advance their abilities both online and in-person.

Come discover how we can help you become an informed participant in the coffee supply chain, even if you have never made coffee.

In order to put novice and expert roasters to the test and help them learn new things, we regularly host roasting tournaments.

We work with them and you

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