Our Mission
  • Support local Asean coffee businesses to achieve sustainable growth
  • Introduce affordable technologies that help make coffee more profitable for all players
  • Work with local communities to develop their potentials and improve their livelihood
We believe that given open and fair opportunities, everyone can achieve their goals and become their own leader

We Focus On Helping You Grow Your Coffee Business​

About CoRoasting Asia (CoFe)

We support coffee growers, roasters, café owners and retailers to create a sustainable coffee value chain.

A Fair, Open, Sustainable and Responsible Coffee Ecosystem

Coffee is the second most traded and consumed commodity in the world.  But coffee also is a big contributor to the climate  crisis.  Deforestation, exploitative trade practices, excessive use of chemical fertilizers, waste water runoff during processing, menthene gas from pulps which is mostly dumped…  

You can read our blog post in conexion.coroasting.asia to know more about the climate ‘negative’ effects of coffee.

By some estimation, each cup of coffee’s carbon footprint is about 0.2 Kg.  As the second most consumed beverage (after, you guess, water), you can image the effects of 

Who we are

CoFe is the collective effort by Glorious ABCD Pte. in Singapore, Vi2 Consulting in Bangkok, Thailand, Rabbit roaster in Chiangmai, and the numerous coffee farmers in Northern and Southern Thailand.

The Team

CoFe is lead by Jack Zhou, a veteran businessman with over 25 years experience in information technology and business process improvement.  Together with Adam, a dedicated coffee enthusiast who is behind the legendary micro intelligent coffee roaster, the two of them see the great potential of Thai coffee which is mostly unknown to the outside world, and the natural way coffee is grown in Thailand, decided to make sure to share such good coffee to the world. 

The Vision

We supply good quality coffee from Thailand to all market segments all over the world.

Our coffees are traded responsibly, sourced directly from coffee farmers who are all fairly and sustainably rewarded.

“People may not Realize, but responsibly Traded Coffee benefits both the People and The Environment at the Same Time. Proving That It Is Possible To Be Profitable While Responsible."