Economically Create Your Own Brand


Create your private label coffee or tea, own your brand and improve customer royalty. Anyone who provide coffee as a product or service to their customer can create their own brand of coffee, with distinct characteristics, flavor, and packing.


Business is becoming more competitive, especially for coffee. New shops open everyday. Same if you are operating a hotel, restaurant, or an online shop that sells beverages. To gain competitive advantage, having your brand of coffee can, improve your image, increase customer loyalty. You also may not be able to find the coffee that you want your customers to have. Benefits of having your own brand of coffee for your customer:

It makes you stands out from your peer
It impresses your customer and greatly improve your image
You can customize the coffee profile that fits you, or your customers
It makes it harder for customers to change to your competitor
Create a private label coffee used to be very difficult, but with our revolutionary CoFe ONE roaster and our one-stop private label service, it has become possible for anyone to start creating their own brand.


While it used to be hard to justify the high costs of creating a custom coffee (large quantity demanded by supplier, expensive equipment), we in CoFe are determined to help everyone make a difference by creating their own coffee.

Custom Profile

Our CoFe ONE roaster is an intelligent roaster that remembers individual roasting profiles, and can also be operated through the internet.

Our roasting staff will work with you to create the profile that satisfy you, and your customers, and keep such profile secret and private but available to you. So every time you order your coffee, it comes with the same profile. As we are roasters ourselves, we will share with you our knowledge and experience and help you solve any problems you face.

Selected Coffee Beans

We work directly with farmers to source the best quality, yet very reasonably priced coffee beans. Both us and our farmers guarantee stable quality and supply to you.


Our experiences in coffee processing and packaging means we will help you throughout the process. You also are free to go for different types of offers – beans, ground, capsule, drip bags, coffee bags, french press bags, etc.

Small Volume to start with

Since CoFe ONE is a micro roaster, you don’t have to worry about the quantity required for each order. We accept even one Kg customized roasts.

No large capital outlay

You can see that you won’t be required to invest in expensive equipment, or large quantity of stocks to start. Of course, anytime if you want to start doing the actual roasting yourself, our CoFe ONE costs only a fraction of similar models in the market.


To start creating your own private label coffee. Contact us for a free consultation. You can also arrange a test roasting session to see how easy it is to use of CoFe ONE to roast your own coffee. try out some of our already customized coffee, with different levels of quality For any inquiry, contact Jack at +66 80 880 3844