Roasting Your Coffee is Fun and Rewarding

Now Everyone Can Roast Their Coffee

Create your private label coffee or tea, own your brand and improve customer royalty. Anyone who provide coffee as a product or service to their customer can create their own brand of coffee, with distinct characteristics, flavor, and packing.

What is Co-Roasting

Roasting Without owning expensive equipment

Roasting coffee used to belong only to experts.  Although the principle of roasting (for nice result) is not difficult to learn, it takes a lot of experimenting.  Like every skill, practices make perfect.

The high costs of roasting machine make it difficult to start.

As customer demand for premium and specialty coffee increase, many shop owners, baristas would like to increase their value by providing their own roasts.

A few years ago, co-working space become popular and some roasters start to offer co-roasting.  Like co-working, you do not need to own the roasting machine, but you can use it when needed and pay for the time.

This makes it possible to start your own roasts, or even your own brand, without the heavy capital outlay required.

Our Micro Intelligent Roaster makes it even easier

Co-Roasting drastically reduce the capital requirement for anyone, even just a serious coffee drinker, to become a roaster themselves, but it is still a skill that takes time and effort to learn, and even more to master.

In COFE, our COFE ONE micro roaster is not only a versatile roaster suitable for coffee shops, it is also an automatic roaster. Similar to driving an automatic shift vs a manual shift car, you still need to learn how to drive, but it becomes much easier.

COFE ONE is developed by master roasters who not only understand roasting, but the challenges most roasters face – temperature control, timing, visual etc. We make sure once you understand the principles behind roasting, e.g., how to control the aroma, acidity, sweetness, you will be able to create your own coffee very quickly.

Most importantly, COFE ONE will remember your roasting profile. It means you can be sure the temperature (ROR), airflow, cooling etc will be the same every time. And for new roasters, it means you can adjust exactly which part of your profile to change to adjust or correct, without having to worry new problems come up every roast.

You will be fully supported

Training and consultation

When you roast with us, you can be assured our team will always be ready to help, even if you have never roasted coffee before.

We can also arrange training for your team, not only on how to use our roaster, but how to roast the best coffee from different types, batches.