Spend a day with coffee

Collect, Learn, Taste and Roast Coffee at the Farm Where Coffee is Grown

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This one-day coffee tour was specifically designed for

  • those who enjoy coffee and want to learn about the process from the plant to the cup.
  • aspiring coffee makers considering launching their own brand, roasting their own beans, or having the opportunity to try roasting
  • Coffee shop owners who want to learn more about coffee and who are searching for sources of premium coffee for their customers

Collect Coffee Cherries From The Trees

There are various varieties of coffee plants spread across hundreds of acres in Chiangmai. Farmers are working hard to harvest from November to January. Now is your chance to give it a try and discover how to select the best cherries for a delicious cup of coffee.

See in real time how your preferred beans are processed

In addition to touring the coffee farm, you’ll have the opportunity to master coffee making—at least in the eyes of your friends—by discovering the various methods used in professional coffee processing, roasting, and making coffee.

Additionally, you’re going to use our automatic roaster to roast your first batch of coffee! We prepared 2 kg of high quality beans for each of you.

Learn how to “cup” coffee as well, as how professionals evaluate and taste coffees.

And try roasting your own coffee!

Good Coffee + Good N. Thailand Food

While you’re in Chiangmai, have lunch on the two MUST-try northern Thai dishes, Kao Soi (flat noodles in curry gravy with chicken) and Sai Ooo (spicy pork sausage with lots of herbs). Also, try a cup of specialty coffee that scored over 80.

Activities for one day

7:00  :    Meet at Chiangmai Central Airport, take the local song taew to Kung Chang Kien coffee farm

8:30 :       See and learn how to collect cherry the right way for specialty coffee, try yourself and learn how different coffee is farmed, what is regenerative farming and shade grown coffee

11:00 : to 12:30 Lunch (Local Chiangmai Food, must eat Kao Soi + Sai Ooo)

12:30 : A nice cup of coffee

13:30 : Learn roasting, making coffee

14:30 : Roast your own coffee

16:00 : rest and shop

17:00 Song Taew to Chiangmai Walking Street (estimated arrive at 18:30)

* We go to the farm riding the most common local transport : Song Taew because it is fun.  And, since we are going up to the farms which are located in the mountains, we are passing local, rural roads which are not suitable for other types of transport, e.g. large vehicles, private vehicles.

What is included

  • Transportation from Chiangmai (Central) to Farm and back to Chiangmai city.
  • Lunch with Northern Thai Food at local cafe
  • Specialty Coffee.  Your special cup and tasting
  • High quality coffee Beans (2 Kg each person) for your own first roasts!
  • Using of roasting facilities and automatic roaster
  • Short training – introduction to coffee and how to roast

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course.  Our CoFe ONE Intelligent Micro Roaster is very easy to use, everyone can learn and start within just 30 minutes.  Of course, we will explain to you how to correctly roast the coffee before you try yourself.

Of course, if it’s because of religion, or your dietary requirement, i.e. Halal, Kosher, Vegetarian, just let us know before the trip and we will make special arrangement for you, no extra costs.

If you want to stay overnight and enjoy the hill top experience of Chiangmai, we can either arrange for you, or let us know if you have already arranged your own places to stay.    We will try our best to make it as smooth as possible.

If you want to stay overnight and have full arrangement, we can customize the itinerary and give you a special quotation.  

Of course.  Let us know the number of people, our customer service will contact you to understand fully your requirement and arrange with you.

We have sessions in both English and Thai, please see our November to January schedule.  We can also arrange the handler who speak Thai + English + Chinese for you.

You can cancel your booking 5 days before the actual trip date.  We will only deduce 10% of the total trip costs as administration fee. 

Nothing but yourself.  If you stay overnight then it’s the normal amenities and extra clothing as usual.

Let us remind you that during December time, Chiangmai can be cold and since the farms are on the hill side, the temperature can fall to around 10 or even lower, bring extra warm clothing.

We would like you to join us in Chiangmai too!  But you need to travel from Bangkok to Chiangmai.  You can either contact us and we can help make arrangement for you with a minimal administration fee, or there are two most common way to travel to and from Chiangmai to Bangkok – by Coach or by plane.  Although there are trains between Chiangmai and Bangkok, our own experience is that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.  Do feel free to contact us so we can give you the best advice.


Deposit and Balance:

Deposit on Booking:  30% of total trip price.

Balance to be paid 5 days before planned trip date. We will remind you two days before the balance is due.

How to pay?

We accept both direct deposit to our bank account, or by credit/debit cards.  

For direct deposit, we will provide the bank account details upon your booking.

For Credit/Debit cards, we will provide a link to your email to the Stripe online payment gateway to pay both your deposits and balance.


If you cancel your booking 5 days before the scheduled date, we will refund 20% of the trip price (or 2/3 of the deposit you paid us) through the channel you use to make payment to us.


Day Trip (Join one of our scheduled)

ONLY 3,500 Baht Per Person (Around 100 USD)

Children under age of 12 free of charge

Private Group

Please contact us for quote.

Overnight 2 Days 1 Night Trip

Please contact us for quote.

Need Customization or More Information?

Contact Jack, in English, Thai and Chinese

Call/Whatsapp: +66 80 880 3844

Line: jjlzhouth

email:  jack@coroasting.asia