Introducing CoFe ONE

Our Low Costs 1 Kg Automatic Programmable Roaster.

The Cofe One roaster is designed with ease of use and consistency in mind. Suitable for coffee shops, hotels, restaurants looking to create their own unique coffee profile. It’s small footprint require minimal space, and can be operated by anyone with minimal training.
Coffee ONE is the results of years of research and development by passionate and professional roasters. While it is simple, it is versatile. Automatically and intelligently calculate and adjust fuel input to ensure accurate roasting temperature based on your custom roasting profile, CoFe ONE also allow remote upload of roasting profiles, opening up new possibilities like online, remote roasting.
No High Capital Outlay

CoFe ONE costs only a fraction of some similar roasters, yet, it is automatic, intelligent, and is appreciated by professional roasters.

No gas valve to turn, roasting temperature is automatically controlled by profile developed by YOU, minutes by minutes. Starting temperature, rate of rise, cooling time, can all be preset so every time you roast, the results are guaranteed.

Start with Low Volume

The ONE Kg roast load means you can start with the minimum, don’t have to worry about wasting precious beans when testing, you can freely play with various profiles, techniques, and experiment without worry.

Free to test your skills, ideas. Many new roasts are results of experiments, so you may be the first one to find a new technique for a new coffee experience.

This also means you can always have freshly roasted coffee to serve your customers, who will sure appreciate that your coffee is fresh every day.

Do customers also complain there’s too little choices? Rather than buying lots of different beans and worry about their shelf life, now you can provide many different options, which will certainly earn you more loyal customers.

Virtual Online Roasting

Your roasting profile can be saved on the machine, or uploaded only before roasting.

If you still not sure of owning the machine yourself, you can become our co-roaster. Upload your profile when you order new batch of coffee and the machine will roast as you ordered and we will handle the rest for you.

Owning multiple shops in different region? Any staff will minimal training can operate CoFe ONE, so you can be sure even if you are not at the shop, your customer will still be able to get their coffee with the same quality you demand.