CoFe ONE Roaster

Intelligent Automatic 1Kg Micro Roaster

Roasting Will Be Fun With CoFe One

It is such a satisfying and joyful moment to serve your customer a cup full of your proud invention, or to enjoy coffee that you have personally roasted.

Instead of concentrating on how they want the coffee beans to grow and produce the best flavor and aroma, many novice roasters have to spend too much time learning how to operate the roasting machine.

Our CoFe ONE Micro Automatic Professional Roaster is designed to be simple to use and intuitive so you can concentrate on the coffee rather than the machine.

We are roasters

Since we roast coffee ourselves, we know how important it is to have control over the roasting profile, which is essential for any successful roast.

We also recognize that you must first have backup. CoFe offers everything you need to become your own brand master, not just the machine.

The most user friendly roaster for both beginners and professionals

Key Concepts

Consistency and convenience of use were given top priority in the design of the Cofe One roaster. Ideal for restaurants, hotels, and coffee shops who want to develop their own distinctive coffee profiles. Its compact design requires little room, and even a novice user may operate it.

While it is simple, it is versatile.

Based on your personalized roasting profile, CoFe ONE will automatically and intelligently calculate and modify the fuel input to ensure an accurate roasting temperature profile, minute by minute.

Roasting like a master

Professional roasters created CoFe ONE, and they are using it to create various high quality coffees.

With CoFe ONE, roasters can literally see how the coffee beans respond to rise and fall in temperature because of our special glass drum.

You can freely test, tweak, and experiment without worrying about wastage because of the small load size (600 – 1200 gm).

Anyone can roast thanks to the easy operation, even if they are not familiar with the specifics. Any operational team can be trained to roast coffee fresh every day following the developed profile, creating consisting, high quality coffee. Even with little instruction, you can become an expert roaster too.

We will back you up all the way

We provide full training on both how to operate the roaster safely and professionally. More importantly, we will support your venture into coffee roasting all the way, including:

  • Stable supply of good quality green beans of various types and processes, at reasonable costs.
  • Roasting consultation, to help you solve any problems by our roasting experts.
  • Coffee grading by certified graders to enhance your marketing profile.
  • Marketing support through our Conexión Café marketplace to showcase your products to customers both in Thailand and overseas.

Key Features

Why CoFe ONE

No High Capital Outlay

CoFe ONE costs only a fraction of some similar roasters, yet, it is automatic, intelligent, and is appreciated by professional roasters.

No gas valve to turn, roasting temperature is automatically controlled by profile developed by YOU, minutes by minutes. Starting temperature, rate of rise, cooling time, can all be preset so every time you roast, the results are guaranteed.

Start with Low Volume

The ONE Kg roast load means you can start with the minimum, don’t have to worry about wasting precious beans when testing, you can freely play with various profiles, techniques, and experiment without worry.

Free to test your skills, ideas. Many new roasts are results of experiments, so you may be the first one to find a new technique for a new coffee experience.

This also means you can always have freshly roasted coffee to serve your customers, who will sure appreciate that your coffee is fresh every day.

Do customers also complain there’s too little choices? Rather than buying lots of different beans and worry about their shelf life, now you can provide many different options, which will certainly earn you more loyal customers.

Virtual Online Roasting

Your roasting profile can be saved on the machine, or uploaded only before roasting.

If you still not sure of owning the machine yourself, you can become our co-roaster. Upload your profile when you order new batch of coffee and the machine will roast as you ordered and we will handle the rest for you.

Owning multiple shops in different region? Any staff will minimal training can operate CoFe ONE, so you can be sure even if you are not at the shop, your customer will still be able to get their coffee with the same quality you demand.