High Quality Commercial Coffee

Customizable and Low MOQ

CoFe Commercial is our brand of coffee particularly roasted for use with commercial coffee machines.  Thanks to our 1 Kg intelligent roaster, we accept order as low as 1 Kg and delivery is guaranteed within 2 days (Thailand) from your order.  We only roast the coffee for you on your order (or by subscription).  

Click here to see where we source our beans to roast for you.

It’s not the coffee you buy from someone, it’s the coffee you want

Two Options of Coffee + Yours

The basic options are:

1. 100% Single Origin Arabica

2. 20% Robusta + 80% Arabica blend

…  OK, you decide the blend portion, no problem

2 Standard Profile + Yours

You can start with our tested profiles:

1. Medium roast at 210C

2. Medium-dark Roast at 220C

If you do not like the way it’s roasted, just tell us, e.g. more acidic, stronger aroma, even go the Italian way.

Better still, if you are really serious (I know you are), visit our co-roasting place and try it yourself.